Jul 10

Does it Hurt to Work? Find out if your office needs an ergonomic analysis [QUIZ]

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Take our quiz to find out if you need an ergonomic analysis.

Are your employees miserable and unproductive? They might be having a love-hate relationship with their workplace.

Send this quiz to find out if their aches and pains are because the office is imperfectly set up, or if their challenges are their own. A workstation that wasn’t designed with a real, human body in mind could be causing your employee’s joints pain and impact their health, but how can you tell which parts are putting strain on your body?

The quiz below takes your team through the warning signs, so they can rate them on a scale from “Green Flag: Carry On” to “RED FLAG! Abort Mission!”.

Your employees will know based on the colour of their results whether to act now and have one of our experts out to do an ergonomic analysis, or carry on with your existing items and perfect how they’re used them.



Enjoy a comfortable workstation and see the difference it makes in your day-to-day life: follow the tips in our blog and start your upward-trajectory to better health.


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